CollaZen peel-off mask. The glow of gold at the service of contemporary woman

Keeping the needs of modern women in mind, the scientific team of CollaZen has created and presents the first Greek cleansing face mask that is based on the powerful properties of gold, a mask that will awaken the glow and femininity in any woman.

Thanks to its unique composition of gold and hyaluronic acid, CollaZen+ TM peel-off mask leaves the skin clean and glowing, while at the same time it improves its texture by evening out thin lines and wrinkles. With its regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, this combination makes this product ideal for the sensitive facial skin as it will help it regain its glow and elasticity.

CollaZen+ TM peel-off mask is a product of unique formula that gifts modern women with the luxurious offspring of nature and science’s harmonious teamwork. With its pure and precious components it promises the tight and flawless skin that every woman deserves.