CollaZen+ vitamins : CollaZen presents the first range of drinking vitamins in Greece

CollaZen TM, an expert in the field of drinking dietary supplements breaks ground by creating CollaZen+ Vitamins, the first range of drinking vitamins C and D3.

This new revolutionary range of drinking vitamins has been created according to the philosophy of CollaZen TM that worships a life rich in health, beauty and.. Zen, as the company is always committed to a holistic approach regarding the everyday health and well being of the individual. The drinking vitamins of CollaZen TM boast instant effects and better absorption into the body compared to vitamins that come in the form of tablets or pills. The range launches CollaZen+ Vinamin C and CollaZen+ Vinatmin D3 in two delicious flavors; orange and green apple respectively.

CollaZen+ Vinamin C – Exactly what the body needs

CollaZen+ Vinamin C is a miracle drinking dietary supplement rich in one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants i.e. vitamin C. This particular vitamin strengthens the body’s natural defenses, boosts the immune system and protects both the nervous system and the body cells from oxidizing stress. Moreover, it enables the skin, cartilages, bones and vessels to function better and it contributes to the healing of scars, while in the meantime it prevents the early ageing of the skin as it favors the formation of collagen.  Recommended intake: 10ml/day

CollaZen+ Vitamin D3 – A valuable health secret

CollaZen+ Vitamin D3 makes a one of a kind ally when it comes to the maintenance of good health, since its unique composition, rich in vitamin D3, has a number of benefits for the body. According to recent studies and research the sufficient intake of Vitamin D seems to eliminate the chance of development of seventeen different types of cancer by 30 to 77% depending on the case. In addition, the intake of vitamin D can help cases of heart disease and/or obesity as it considerably boosts the body metabolism. Meanwhile, it contributes to the natural absorption of calcium and phosphorus promoting bone growth and maintaining bone mass and density, especially during menopause and/or osteoporosis.

Recommended intake: 10ml/day