How the CollaZenTM
was created

A team of biochemists decided to put together their knowledge and expertise to create a new, groundbreaking product, after many years of research and experience in the production of collagen products.

A new product including all the revolutionary properties of collagen, in combination with a new integrated formula based on the functions of the human body


Lemi Plastara
Sales & Marketing Director

A True Story

Brands have certain values. Some brands value care, while others value love or even lust.  For CollaZen truth is the ultimate value, the mother of all and this is the one that we focus on. After all, truth is what has brought us together.

A while ago I met up with some good friends and well respected biochemistry scientists and I decided to tell them about my vision to create a great company that focuses on the well being and balanced life of everyday people.

In 2015 we decided to join forces, knowledge and experience and together to found a Greek company with products that aim to help consumers lead a fuller, healthier life where optimism and well being are of utter importance. The result is a range of products that lives up to the highest standards when it comes to healthy living and definitely brings the Zen in people’s lives.

CollaZen is today a rapidly developing company with considerable investments both in Greece and abroad and an increasing number of selling spots by a thousand each year. We boast satisfied consumers, clients and pharmacy stores not only all over Greece, but also in other eastern Mediterranean countries as well as in certain Balkan countries (Serbia, Romania and Monte Negro).

This is the story of CollaZen. And although it may not be a dream story, it is definitely a true story.