Collagen shampoo : Put an end to hair loss with CollaZen’s pioneering shampoo!

The revolutionary CollaZen+ TM Collagen shampoo with Biotin is the ideal choice against hair loss and early signs of grey hair.

Thanks to its content in biotin, the water soluble vitamin B (also known as vitamin H), CollaZen+ TM Collagen shampoo with Biotin rebuilds the hair and drastically enhances its elasticity, protecting this way the scalp against dryness and as a result preventing hair loss. It also preserves the natural hair color for longer keeping the appearance of grey hair at bay.

CollaZen+ TM Collagen shampoo with Biotin strengthens the hair leaving it healthy, shining and strong. Hair styling has never been easier and broken ends are a thing of the past. More importantly it is very easy to use since an even application and a light massage on wet hair is more than enough for the hair to fully benefit from this product.

skin becomes smoother and moisturized while outline of the eyes comes to life making them appear more rested, less puffy and without the ever annoying dark circles. The results are long lasting and visible within only a week of daily use.