CollaZen… our daily Zen!

In an era where the market of dietary supplements is constantly growing, enriched with numerous products of dubious quality and effectiveness, an experienced team of biochemists, combined their scientific knowledge and expertise, creating the unique drinking diet supplement for the health of the joints! The CollaZen!. A pioneering product with a unique complete formula of seven different substances: Sulphurous Chondroitin, Glykozamin HCL, Vitamin C, MSM, Biotin , Ηyaluronic Acid and Hydrolyzed Collagen.

The complete formula Collazen contains:

  • Hydrolyzed Sea Collagen Peptan with the lowest molecular weight :

The collagen coming from fish is compatible and absorbable from the human organism and is better assimilated than the respective products coming from pork and cattle .

  • Sulphurous Chondroitin

It protects the cartilages and prevents them from breaking apart.

  • Vitamin C

It fights against aging and has a strong anti-oxidant effect.

  • Ηyaluronic Acid

It is a key component of the skin, providing elasticity and increasing hydration levels.

  • MSM

Ιt supports the connective tissues and has strong anti-oxidant, anti-flammatory and detoxicating properties.

  • Glucosamine HCL

It helps the body to repair the destroyed and corrupted cartilages and reduces the inflammation and the pain of the joints.

  • Βiotin

It plays an important role in the development of skin, hair and nails.

Finally the CollaZen, with all the spectacular properties of Collagen,does not only offer the drinking supplement, it constitutes a complete range of products.

  • Collagen Face Cream

The first greek cream with hydrolyzed collagen for deep regeneration.

  • Collazen ΤΜ+ Collagen Shampoo with Biotin

Regenerating shampoo with collagen with Biotin for problems of hair loss and early

gray hair appearance.

  • Collazen ΤΜ+ Hyaluronic Cream

Face cream of deep hydration with hyaluronic acid, offering the skin more moisturizing and elasticity.

Discover the Complete Range of Products CollaZen and ………. make Zen become part of your daily lives.