CollaZen – The absolute supplement choice

A lot is discussed about dietary supplements, collagen in all its forms, the products that actually work and those that our body rejects without benefiting from them at all. And it is up to us pharmacists to scrutinize these products and decide whether they are useful, innovative or even dangerous for the consumer before we start promoting them. By the time I came across CollaZen I had already been exposed to collagen drinks and I have to say, I was rather unsure of whether their so-called complete formula actually worked.

So what is it about CollaZen that has made it my ultimate recommendation to any client who is looking for a dietary supplement to fortify their body and joints?

Firstly, there is a certain fact which is widely known in our field, but one that most people seem to ignore. In order to be better absorbed by the body, a collagen drink needs to be as light as possible. This can be easily spotted in the density of the liquid. The less dense ones are the best choice and CollaZen definitely falls into this category. Secondly I examined its components and on top of those that are typically found in most collagen drinks in the market this one also contains vitamin C. Now someone might argue that one can get their vitamin C simply by drinking an orange juice, however getting it from the supplement actually helps the body produce collagen and absorb the supplement better altogether.

Moreover, research has shown that in order to achieve a good joint function, a combination of hyaluronic acid, glycosamine and hondroytin is required. This is because the use of hyaluronic acid alone doesn’t do much for the body.

So after all this personal research I was adequately convinced to recommend this product to our customers. In no time I started getting impressive reports. I will never forget a certain customer, miss Argyro in particular, who came hopping into my store only to prove what a life saver CollaZen was for her. She has been struggling with chronic knee issues and she managed to feel considerably better in just a few days of using the product.

At this point I will borrow CollaZen’s slogan and recommend to anyone to add a little bit of Zen in their lives. As far as I’m concerned, this is without a doubt the best supplement choice and the one I always advise my customers to use.

Aris Pashalidis – Pharmacist